Director, Chris Bathurst

Solray Systems has built and is operating a revolutionary processing plant that converts Algae and other organics to crude oil. While many others working in this space are recovering oil from algae lipid, Solray is converting the whole algae biomass so it does not need to culture specific species of algae.

Algae can be grown in open air ponds or in bioreactors using photosynthesis and Carbon dioxide. Once harvested we process the algae to produce a renewable crude oil that is a genuine replacement for fossil petroleum.

Solray’s technology is truly “plug and play” and our team of scientists and engineers have given the company a unique proposition with proven scalability that produces long chain carbon length transportation fuels and are completely compatible with existing refining, distribution and fleet infrastructure.

The end product is pure algae crude, not an ethanol or a biodiesel.

The mark 2 conversion plant was installed at the Christchurch Waste Water Treatment Plant in ponds supplied by the NIWA “state of the art” High Algae Growth Rate ponds fed by waste carbon dioxide and harvested without chemicals. These were the largest such ponds in the world, and built especially for Solray.

The crude oil we produce is fully interchangeable with crude oil from normal fossil sources. Therefore no existing infrastructural changes to refineries, delivery systems, or end users are required. This feature is important to transport and aviation operators. Blends are not necessary.